Simple Shrimp Tacos

Every four years, for precisely a month-long period, my lifelong obsession with soccer is not questioned.

I am allowed the space of the conference room at work to enjoy the noon game, well the first half, while eating my lunch. Immediately after which, I return to my desk to “work” and watch the second half online.

And then, a mad scramble ensues to get as much work done as physically possible, before the start of the 3PM game. After which, you guessed it. Sit and “work” while watching the game online.

I should have prefaced this all by saying I’m excellent at multi-tasking – i.e. completing my energy stories by deadline, amid the excitement of soccer viewing and tracking social media soccer-related chatting.

Many will think productivity at work goes straight out the window for soccer enthusiasts, during the World Cup, but in fact I believe the complete opposite happens.


I for one am motivated to get into work early, get my assignments done ahead of deadline, in order to watch game one of the day. Then I’m equally driven to complete any and all work in between game one ending and the start of game two.

And following the finish of game two, I’m pushing myself to complete everything efficiently and accurately, so as not to feel shame in rushing to the bar to meet up with friends for the 6PM game.

See, the World Cup creates motivation for efficiency in the workplace.

Efficiency is something I’ve been incorporating lately into my weekday cooking, given the busy schedule (work, soccer playing, soccer viewing) and the lack of space in the kitchen.


Few ingredients and lots of flavor are dishes I’ve been drawn to making lately and these shrimp tacos were the perfect Sunday evening treat. I’m a big fan of the spice cumin and love the boldness it gives to these tacos, which is balanced perfectly by the acidity of the freshly squeezed lime slices.

On a final and hopefully not so creepy note, one of my favorite movies happened to be on television, while we were chomping down on our shrimp tacos – Finding Nemo.

Je suis désolé Jacque…


Shrimp Tacos

Medium to large fresh shrimp, peeled and deveined
one onion, sliced thinly
two red bell peppers, sliced into thin strips
ground cumin
garlic powder
salt and pepper
vegetable oil
fresh lime slices
fresh avocado slices
fresh salsa
shredded cheese (I used a mix of colby, monterey jack and cheddar)
corn tortillas
In a large saute pan over medium heat, sauté onion and red pepper in a touch of vegetable oil for a few minutes. Add in a generous helping of cumin and fresh salt and pepper and cook until onions are translucent.
Add some salt and pepper to the shrimp and push the vegetables in the pan to the side and add the shrimp to the center of the pan. Cook until both side of the shrimp are pink (this happens very quickly).
Add in some more cumin and a touch (or more to your liking) of sriracha and cook everything for another minute or two.
Heat up the corn tortillas and gather your taco toppings. Layer up your tacos with the shrimp and vegetable mixture, top with avocado, fresh salsa, tomato, cheese and freshly squeezed lime. Hit it with a touch more sriracha and enjoy!

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