Fourth of July Cocktails: Raspberry Basil Gimlet


After several freelance assignments, interviewing expert mixologist on their choice summer drinks, I decided to take matters into my own hands and become creative as well.

Normally, I’ll just grab a bottle or two of wine to bring to a friend’s cookout and call it a day, but on this particular Sunday afternoon, the months of writing farm-to-table cocktails and house-made everything, had me wanting to toot my own drink horn.

Friends of ours were kind enough to open up their amazing backyard on this gorgeous cookout-perfect weather day (there may have been some coaxing involved from others, like yours truly, who does not have a backyard area, but they were MORE than happy to!).

IMG_2413I promised I would not only be bringing some heavenly marinated chicken and a special extra to throw on the grill, but that I would be making a delicious summer cocktail on the spot with the raspberries and basil I had recently purchased.

Naturally, I sent this and had yet to come up with an actual cocktail…but alas…details…details.

I knew I wanted to use this vodka that the boyfriend had brought back from his Bahama kayak adventures and that I wanted a cocktail that did not involve an immense amount of ingredients.


I settled on a Raspberry Gimlet Basil Gimlet, made of vodka, raspberries, basil, lime juice and agave syrup (you can use simple syrup if you want but I LOVE agave).

Now, I will say that I was a bit preoccupied in the corner of my friends kitchen for a few minutes, muddling raspberries and whipping up these gimlets for everyone, but it was well worth it. Tastebuds were happy and mouths were refreshed on this warm summer afternoon.


Raspberry Basil Gimlet

(makes 1 drink)

2 oz. Vodka

juice of half a Lime ( 1 oz.)

1 oz Agave (or Simple Syrup)

3 fresh Basil Leaves

8 whole fresh Raspberries

Muddle raspberries, basil leaves and simple syrup in a mixing glass. Add in the vodka, lime juice and some ice. Shake and strain into a glass of your choosing. Garnish it up with some fruit if you’d like.


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